About us

About Mevallero

Our Awesome Story

Magic dreams brand is a legacy that represents our founder’s heritage, culture and vision for a future where families, friends and communities connect, create and experience great moments, everyday.

Vision and values

Mevallero’s vision is to create moments for inspiring people. our values rotates around level of hospitality our guests receive in any of our facilities and entertainment complexes.


Magic Dreams the developer of Mevallero has delivered great moments since 1988, offering and serving guests in all over UAE and 7 more countries around the world.

My dream

is toget people inspire through creativity and perfection in providing our entertainment services to them.

MR. Nasser Salem – Founder

About Mevallero

our history

For over three decades, Magic Dreams has delivered great moments starting with
International exhibitions on over 50,000 m2 that significantly affected the UAE economy to the Mega Italian and English arcade and amusement cities in all over UAE in 1990
, which changed the face of entertainment across the Arabian peninsula, and redefined the way people enjoy places and spaces.

Our Activities

What We Do

Mevallero is the go to destination for family entertainment, the biggest dancing fountain in Egypt, a 5000 sq m entertainment hub and much more to come!. Phase two of the project includes a live dolphin show, cinemas and a theater , all in one place at the heart of Heliopolis.

Mevallero TEAM

Our Team

Our team is trained and dedicated to serve you and your family, we care about experience and opportunities, and in Mevallero we create them.